January 03, 2010

Happy New Years

Happy new years to all the model railroaders out there regardless if you model in O,HO, T or Z scale. May 2010 be filled with lots of model railroad enjoyment and good health.

All Aboard - Kinda

Well yesterday I got my 4+2 E531 Joban Commuter cars via ACE_of_Bicycle which is one of the biggest set of trains I have. I must say that its pretty cool have a 10 car set rolling on your layout, 15 cars I think would have been overboard I think. Most of the trains I have are Shinkasens and are 7-8 cars in length, so even 2 car makes a pretty big difference to me.I need to replace the light board in one of my end cars somehow I think I damaged one of the LEDs. When the train is put into reverse the red light do not come on . I verified that the normal and reverse lights were working with another end car so it has to be the light board.

December 24, 2009

More E531 on the way ..........soon

Well today I placed an order with ACE_of_Bicyclye for a Kato 4 car add-on set "A" 10-571 & Kato 2 car add-on set "B" 10-572. I get to finally complete my first commuter train in record time.

December 22, 2009

Added details to the Series E531

Well I couldn't leave well enough alone, I decided to detail my new commuter train will the antennas or whatever those things are on the front and end cars. I also added the number board to the light up portion of the front and end cars as well. Thank goodness there is only two cars that need that added. Im thinking about adding the other stickers as well someday. Now Ive got to look at pricing LED light sets as well. Stay tuned for my mis-adventures in detailing it should be pretty interesting to read. Oh I almost forgot to mention I got to try out my Kato double crossover switch and it worked like a charm, good old Kato no wonder Im a sucker for their products.

My first commuter train set Series E531 Joban

Well it showed up today, my Series E531 and Im very happy with it. I'll be happier when I see it running which may take a while, we'll see. Im very impressed by the level of detail on all the cars especially the pantograpgh car it's pretty amazing. I think Im going to go all out on theis model, like including lights adding details and stickers. I cant wait to order the next set. I think Im going to order the 4+2 set then order the 5 car add on set, hopefully thats the way it'll pan out. Below is a picture of the new set on my window sill, yes I know I need to paint lol.